3 Reasons Your Instagram Posts Are Getting Less Likes

Instagram is one of the main social networks that millions of people visit every day to watch their favorite creators, read the news and learn something new. If you are an active user, you know that getting a lot of red hearts is not an easy task. This is especially true for those who have created an author’s blog not so long ago, but want to achieve results on the platform. There may be a whole lot of reasons, but most of them can be easily and quickly fixed.

The lack of involvement subsequently leads the blogger to burnout, and his posts become less visible and relevant to readers. It doesn’t matter if you publish funny Reels or share valuable tips, any author can face such a problem. In this article, we will talk about the 3 most common reasons for the lack of likes, which can slow down your progress.

  1. You don’t post when your subs are looking. It’s not for nothing that most promotion specialists talk about the need to publish new materials at a time when your followers are as active on the network as possible and free from routine chores. To do this, it is important to know your audience and have an idea of when they can be free during the day. 

For example, if your subscribers are students, then it is logical to assume that they will be online after their study day comes to an end. Usually this time is from 5 to 10 pm. But each case is unique, and if students have a part-time job, they will appear online later and may not see your novelties. To find out when your followers are most active, experiment with time and try posting content at different times. By looking at the statistics under the posts, you will have an idea of which time period suits your readers. Based on this data, you will be able to find the golden mean and collect a lot of red hearts. 

  1. You have not created a base of likes. Few people know about this, but there are companies that will help you quickly solve the problem of missing hearts and encourage your subscribers and potential viewers to click on the heart icon more often. The number of likes is an indicator of how high-quality and insider posts you have. Yes, a beginner will not be able to stand out from the crowd by creating just a few posts. But if you initially take care of the presentability of publications and buy Instagram likes, it will be much easier to achieve the result. This is due to the fact that people are not inclined to like posts that are not popular with other users. 

The herd instinct exists and social networks prove it. When a user clicks on a post and sees a lot of red hearts, he subconsciously wants to support the author. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to create soil for a little money, which will later serve as an excellent tool for obtaining a huge number of hearts.

  1. You’re Inconsistent. Most promotion specialists talk about the importance of publishing new content. If you publish posts every day, then you should continue to do this so that users will not be disappointed when they see the absence of new content for a long time. Create a content plan so that you don’t forget to publish new posts. This will help keep your account in the spotlight of subscribers and collect more red hearts.