What Are the Rights You Should Know After a Construction Injury?

construction injury

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Texan construction sites are 22% more dangerous than the national average. With over 223 fatalities, the construction industry, especially the trades like electricians and roofers, are exceedingly prone to these accidents. Here we will talk about construction injury. 

Houston, Dallas, and Austin are the riskiest cities for workplace injuries. Since construction workers are essential for the US economy’s growth, companies are liable to ensure their workplace safety. The private construction industry itself had 133 fatalities making it a dangerous category for workers.

However, there are laws to protect the rights of workers injured or killed in any such mishap. A Houston personal injury attorney recommends expert help to get the employer’s maximum compensation and protect your rights after an accident.

What Are the Common Construction Accidents Causing Death or Injury?

According to OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 38% of workplace injuries in 2016 occurred due to falls, 8.3 from electrocution, 9.4 due to being struck by something, and 7.3 deaths resulted from getting caught in an accident. 

Another big cause of construction injuries exists on the highways. Texas witnessed over 22,000 work zone crashes in 2016, while Harris County in Houston topped this list with over 3000 accidents. Nearly 511 of these accidents resulted in injuries, and eight caused death. 

It is your right as a construction worker or their family to get proper compensation after such accidents. You may need an attorneys’ help to establish the employer’s or a third-party’s negligence leading to the incident. 

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What Compensation Can You Demand After a Construction Injury?

The Texas government has the Workers’ Compensation Program to reimburse medical expenses and lost wages after a construction injury. Workers’ compensation claims can also protect your rights. 

Since the state laws do not mandate buying compensation insurance, an employer may opt-out and become a non-subscriber. However, that doesn’t restrict your rights to file a personal injury claim against the liable parties. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault program. But, you have to prove the negligence of another party in a personal injury claim to receive compensation. 

You can claim reasonable compensation for medical bills, lost wages, lost ability for employment, rehabilitation charges, emotional distress, pain, and suffering. For filing a proper claim based on the extent of your injuries, work with a Houston personal injury attorney, skilled to handle such cases.

What is the Third-Party Liability in Construction Accidents?

Mostly, construction sites are busy with multiple parties operating at the same place. Any of these parties can be liable for your construction injury according to your accident’s circumstances. 

The potential third-party defendants per Texan laws are architects, engineers, sub-contractors, contractors, utility companies, truckers, vendors, property owners, equipment manufacturers, and delivery providers. You have to determine the third-party claim by following a proper procedure. 

An experienced attorney asks people to evaluate factors like the accident site, type of equipment, and work conditions. You may be shocked to hear that Houston companies do not attempt to monitor or regulate cranes on their worksites. The city with the rest of the state had the maximum crane-related fatalities in the US. 

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A Houston-based report also says that 27% of safety and health issues occur in the construction industry. In all these cases, establishing third-party liability is crucial but challenging to demand the right compensation. With proper help and guidance, you can make the correct claim, though. 

What Grounds Do You Have to Make a Claim?

If you intend to make a third-party claim, it is essential to find the solid ground for building your lawsuit. The third-party may not be solely responsible for the injury, but you can prove how it contributed to the same. 

For instance, if a general contractor does not train their worker for handling a machinery part and the same worker injures a co-worker with this machinery, the contractor can be held liable for failure to train the employees.

A construction-related accident can be stressful and change your life. Do not let it cause permanent damage and fight your case with the help of a personal injury attorney for the best compensation.