Why you should get your eyes tested

For most of us, the primary way that we take in the world is through our eyesight. It becomes our most heavily relied upon form of taking in information, such that we rely less on our other senses of touch, taste, smell, and hearing. So, when faced with the possibility of weakening eyesight or even loss of vision, it is a big deal. It is hard for us to imagine our lives without being able to see properly and this becoming a reality is incredibly daunting. There is great peace of mind knowing that the status of our eyesight is known and that we are taking care to maintain our quality of sight. This is why it is good to have our eyes checked regularly

Get your eyes checked regularly

To get your eyes checked regularly, you need to build a relationship with an optometrist. Ideally find an operation that is based close to your home so that it easily makes appointments, builds relationships and pops in for a visit whenever necessary. Sound out friends and neighbours who live close by to see who they recommend or use the internet to search for options. A simple search for a phrase like ‘eye clinic St Kilda’ or something similar, should be enough to find a list of options close to you. 

Benefits of regular eye testing

You are able to spot potential issues and concerns in time and by catching problems early you have time to implement corrective or preventative procedures and treatments. Sometimes broader health issues can be identified in the process of eye testing such as diabetes. Find a clinic to go to that has up to date technical abilities and equipment. You can detect eye conditions such as cataracts and testing for glaucoma’s which are progressive conditions. These are some of the benefits of regular testing. 

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Emotional effects of bad vision on self-esteem

Poor vision, visual impairments or degenerative vision can have a great impact on a person’s emotional state. Not being able to see properly, watch tv, read a book often makes you feel inferior and less than. You may sometimes feel a little ‘stupid’ having to ask people to read something to you, or maybe you miss a vital piece of information, like a warning sign, and unawares find yourself oblivious and ignorant to something everybody else is easily aware of. Having sight issues also affect your self-esteem by forcing you to be dependent on others and incapable. Being independent is very empowering, and so to lose your independence can be self-esteem crushing. This could lead to depression and even anxiety as you don’t feel confident and may even feel vulnerable in public spaces, especially on your own. 

Ways to keep your eyes tested

Take steps to keep your eyes healthy. If you’re a smoker, try to stop smoking and this will cause secondary issues that affect your eyes. Protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight or if you work outdoors, use sunglasses to protect from glare. If your job or hobbies involve welding, then make sure you always have protective eyewear, goggles or masks on at all times and the damage caused can be permanent. Eat well and exercise regularly. Use sports glasses when playing ball sports, this will help with glare, bright sunlight and are protective against objects hitting your eyes accidentally.