What Happens When You Stop Taking Apetamin Pills?

What happens when you stop taking apetamin pills

Before finding out what happens when you stop taking apetamin, let us clarify what this is for readers who are unaware. Apetamin is an unregulated drug and not approved by the FDA.

As most of you know, any medicine not approved by FDA cannot be purchased over the counter. You need a doctor’s prescription proving you can take a specific medication or bear with side effects.

What is apetamin

Apetamin is a stimulant that affects people’s appetite, and many people use it to gain weight. The major component of apetamin is antihistamine cyproheptadine.

Appetite stimulants are all over the market. With growing unhealthy beauty standards, more and more people include drugs like these to look a certain way.

The rise of social media influencers increased the focus on attaining the ‘Instagram body,’ which has led many to look for ways to reduce or gain weight.

Most people look up dietary supplements online to help them gain weight. You may find apetamin pop up several times in your search results.

That is because this drug will help people gain weight rapidly. Apetamin is a popular drug in the USA, but the FDA has not regulated its usage.

The company that manufactures the drug is based in Chennai, India.

What happens when you stop taking apetamin pills

Apetamin before and after

Cyproheptadine is a type of antihistamine. Usually, this component can fight allergic reactions. But doctors do not typically recommend any drug containing this component.

Cyproheptadine blocks not only allergic reactions but also serotonin receptors. This works wonderfully as an appetite stimulant since it affects the hypothalamus directly and regulates appetite urges. But what happens when you stop taking apetamin?

It seems that from the people who have used apetamin, once they stop taking it, they experience weight fluctuations. People may gain unwanted or additional weight even if they do not expect such results.

If you Google apetamin before and after photos, you will find testimonials shared by people who used this drug. Looking at those pictures, you will see how the women were slender before and plump after its use.

But there is something unhealthy about this type of weight gain. Since it is not sustainable, you cannot maintain it for long. Moreover, it may spiral out of control if the side effects of the drug reflect on you.

Social media influencers on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube have popularized apetamin. While most of them cater to an audience full of black women, it is unhealthy for other women too.

On one hand, these feeds into unhealthy and stereotypical portrayals of black femininity. The influencers allow such shoddy products to come their way, not realizing the repercussions caused to the community.

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Why you should avoid consuming apetamin pills?

Apetamin comes in syrup and pill forms. Both are available online. You cannot find them off the counter of some pharmaceutical shops since they are unregulated drugs. However, there might be shops selling these illegally.

It is unsurprising to note that Instagram is the most popular place to buy apetamin. Usually, the drug ranges between $30 to $40.

Due to its immense popularity online, many knock-off brands copy apetamin and bring their own version.

Many dieticians have cautioned people against using off-the-counter drugs as they are not scientifically tested or verified. Apetamin weight gain pills and syrups are both bad and have similar repercussions. However, many people prefer tablets as a better option.

The drug has some side effects, and things can quickly turn sour when you consume it without any medical consultation.

This can lead to severe problems in the future. Many people have stopped using the supplement after the initial results.

Apetamin weight gain results

There is no medically approved consensus that apetamin for weight gain is healthy or sustainable.

While people might get excited when they see that apetamin helps put on weight, they don’t know what happens when you stop taking apetamin.

Slender people might love adding volume to their figures to have the perfect curvy shape.

From Nicki Minaj to Cardi B, many celebs have presented unnatural beauty standards that increase the consumption of these pills.

People choose these supplements as they can quickly gain weight. But just because it is faster does not make it suitable for long-term health.

The primary active ingredient of apetamin is an anti-allergy component that treats bug bites. It also blocks serotonin receptors.

Using them without a correct dosage that suits your body can produce unpredictable results. It is not an alternative to a balanced diet promoting healthy weight gain.

You can consult with a dietician or a nutritionist and then act accordingly. However, you will find many videos on YouTube and reels on Instagram flaunting the results of taking apetamin.

There are videos of people who stopped taking apetamin because of the damage it caused to their bodies. It is not wrong that taking this product will help you gain weight, but when you stop taking apetamin, you lose it again. Moreover, you incorporate all the side effects associated with it.

What happens when you stop taking apetamin pills

Apetamin causes body changes

The marketing around apetamin is fishy. If you start researching, you will find most black influencers promoting this product. Since then, many famous Tik Tokers, Instagram models, and influencers have endorsed the product.

The audience was mainly young adults and teenagers, mostly girls and young women. For a long time, societal conditioning has touted a heavy and curvy body as the symbol of desire and pride among black women.

When they advertised the product, they targeted black communities online to marketize this stereotype.

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What happens when you stop taking apetamin?

Before taking apetamin, your body will have normal responses. But after taking apetamin, you might suffer from dizziness, unregulated weight gain, and swellings. Other side effects might be jitters, fever, and hormonal imbalance.

Using the supplement is not suitable for the long term. This goes for all body types since supplements lead to rapid weight loss.

None of these supplements are usually beneficial for long-term health. Though they seem to work, these results are either temporary or irreversible. What happens when you stop taking apetamin is drowsiness, nausea, and swelling of joints. You might also crave continuing the medicine as it mentally satisfied the image you wanted to possess.

Where to buy apetamin?

If you are looking for apetamin in the USA, you should know that it is banned in this country along with many other countries. However, if you are looking for apetamin in India, you will find it available at local pharmacies.

While you can only purchase these medicines with a prescription, doctors will likely not prescribe them. The cyproheptadine hydrochloride content is high in these drugs. You need a prescription to consume any medicine that includes this.

People in the USA now use healthier supplements that do not harm their bodies or have a lower impact. Some weight gainers like MuscleMed Carnivor Mas, Optimum Nutrition Weight Gainer, and Universal Real Gains sell.

There might be chances of procuring apetamin illegally, but you must be open to facing strict action if caught. Misusing apetamin can lead to severe circumstances that start with liver disorder and go up to death.

Apetamin side effects

If you still want to consume apetamin, you should clearly know the side effect associated. Yes! You can source these from questionable websites, classified listings, and Instagram, but is it worth it?

Since no doctor will allow you the usage of apetamin, you will most likely self-medicate. Consistent use of apetamin will make you:

  • Drowsy
  • Dizzy
  • Experience jitters
  • Feel irritable
  • Blur vision
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

If you consume alcohol, this medicine will be deadly for you. Apetamin reacts with other drugs as well, so if you take medication for another condition, this will harm you more. For example, antidepressants and this medicine will deteriorate your health condition instead of improving it.

How to gain weight healthily?

It is hard to accept that the only way to lose or gain weight sustainably is by incorporating exercises and diet. Your diet might include supplements recommended by your nutritionists. But they will never be anything remotely close to apetamin.

While people consider apetamin a vitamin syrup that helps you gain weight, it is not a real vitamin. The FDA states a clear warning regarding using apetamin, as people can die from drugs like this.

If you feel insecure about your body and want quick results, speak to a dietician. Sustainable weight loss measures can help you see significant differences within four weeks.

You have to at least give yourself that much time to work towards your fitness goals and ditch apetamin pills.