What does the McCallum Physiotherapy Clinic in Abbotsford BC, Offer?

Treatments like physiotherapy help patients to have more mobility and get pain relief. Becoming fitter and restoring some of their physical function is the overall goal of the treatment. For example, older adults will be able to go upstairs, walk, and get out of bed when they need to even if they have arthritis and you can read more about this site here.

Maximizing the patient’s vigor and health will mean working with the right therapist that can implement massages and specific exercises tailored to the individual’s needs. Specialists in the job are often trained in diagnosing and treating various health conditions and a wide range of injuries, and they help people find a higher quality of life that can prevent further disability.

Licensed healthcare professionals that are more into physio may often be found working in various nursing homes, rehab centers, sports settings, hospitals, and research centers. They can be referred by your physician, you can seek one, or get help in Abbotsford, BC.

Treatment Expectations

-Licensed professionals will conduct an exam and evaluate their patient’s current muscle flexibility, movements, neuro responses, health history, and overall performance.

-Clinical prognosis and diagnosis are then discussed, where long-term goals are determined.

-Perform the right intervention and treatment that the patient needs.

-Recommendations for self-care at home that people should do.

Light therapy from the McCallum Clinic that involves using specialized lasers and illuminations is also included. It promotes healing by stimulating different functions of the nerves, helps in the regeneration of healthy tissues, relieves inflammation, and increases blood circulation.

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E-stim is a modality that applies current to alleviate pain and make sure that patients can move around easily. Electrical stimulations can significantly decrease spasms, improve muscles that are not functioning well, and provide relief for inflammation. Electrodes are applied to a specific part of the body, and they will be connected to a specific machine.

Tingling sensations can be felt during the session, but the electricity actually helps the muscles to relax during the process. Contraction or squeezing of the muscles may be required during the application of the electrical impulses.

How the Therapy Can Help

People who have experienced broken bones or with chronic diseases like Parkinson’s diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke back pain, and multiple sclerosis can benefit well with these kinds of treatments. An Abbotsford Physio will determine what you need and recommend the steps that you should do.

Chronic pain after the surgical process and in the event of a heart attack may require a qualified physiotherapist who can help you function in daily life.

Check with your provider if physio is covered in your policy and ask them for network recommendations. The need for the process may arise because you’re hospitalized, or this is necessary, so that you can avoid getting admitted to the hospital.

Post-hospitalization coverage may apply, but if the physician requires this out of you, it will be treated as OPD treatment, and not many companies will be able to offer coverage for it. Check with your provider first, so you can allocate a more accurate budget for this.

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Benefits to Know About

Programs like physio will help you get better with pain management and you don’t have to take a lot of opioids when you want relief. You also have the chance to avoid the required surgeries if the doctor sees that your condition is improving due to the exercises and movements that you’re doing.

Older people can benefit by improving their balance and preventing falls from happening, and you can rely on it if you’re currently recovering from paralysis, stroke, trauma, or any other injuries out there. Existing medical problems can also be easily managed, and athletes can easily strengthen their muscles and other specific parts of their body by using these programs.

Different types are currently available where the orthopedic physio may focus on the movements of the bones and muscles. Read info about this at this link: https://www.physio-pedia.com/Category:Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedics. This can benefit people who’ve had fractures and sprains, and they would want more mobility and strength in moving and going about their daily tasks.

Geriatric is when older adults with Alzheimer’s disease, or arthritis can get help with their current physical function. It would be a great help for patients who want to alleviate incontinence, restore their mobility, and have more balance. Wound care may also use manual techniques like compression therapy to help the injured areas heal faster.