What are the 3 main areas for Botox?

With every aesthetic medicine, it doesn’t matter whether it’s dermal fillers or Botox injections; there is a list of the administration spots recommendations to know the potential of the product, as well as the ways to reach maximum results and remarkable skin improvement. Thus, today we would like to discuss the best injection points for botulinum toxins to enrich your knowledge about this procedure and learn all about how exactly it can help with your aesthetic needs. Without further ado, let’s start!

The most common Botox injection sites

Botox – a special injectable with tailored botulinum toxin type A in its composition meant for certain cosmetic and medical procedures. In medicine, it is usually picked to treat muscle spasms-related issues, including chronic migraine and neck pain, urinary incontinence, lower and upper limb spasticity (in kids), and numerous others. Speaking about the cosmetic beauty sphere, the number of possibilities here is pretty impressive as well. Usually, Botox is recommended for the upper and mid-face zones.

Only board-certified professionals can purchase botulinum toxin products to use during their practice. There are many good suppliers out there, so it is possible to choose the right one based on individual preferences. We would advise you to buy Botox at FillerSupplies at the most affordable wholesale prices. 

There are three main zones medical experts usually pick for a botulinum toxin injection:

  • Forehead (to treat forehead lines and glabellar lines). As we age, frown lines become more noticeable, especially in your late twenties, and the longer you postpone the treatment, the harder it is to deal with these annoying aging signs. Moreover, it is crucial to remember that if Botox is used timely to prevent the occurrence of the horizontal forehead lines on the facial skin, younger looks can be preserved more efficiently and without complicated machinations in the aesthetic clinic;
  • Top of the nose (also referred to as “bunny lines”). Some people don’t know it, but bunny lines are tiny wrinkles that occur when you scrunch your nose (when you smell or sniff something). By using a correct injection technique, it is possible to prevent these slight flaws in the upper face effectively and without the need to use surgery;
  • The area around the eyes (mainly crow’s feet and tear-through zone). Botulinum toxin treatment in sensitive eye areas requires being incredibly careful while treating patients. Individual facial anatomy should always be considered, and the dosage should be minimal so as not to freeze one’s facial expressions.
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Some specialists claim that it is also possible to use botulinum toxins to paralyze facial muscles in the lip area, but this opinion is somewhat controversial in the cosmetic beauty sphere due to the potential adverse reactions, which are quite tricky to correct afterward.

Areas to avoid during the Botox treatment

As Botox treatments have indications, there is also a no-list, where all the dangerous injection spots are mentioned. So, don’t use botulinum toxin anti-aging procedure for the following areas:

  • Close to or into the blood vessels to eliminate the risk of systematic complications;
  • Beneath the muscles in the target spot;
  • Non-muscular tissue close to the injection sites;
  • Upper skin layer or bunched skin (the effectiveness of the Botox injection can be significantly reduced because of it).

In order to inject Botox, a person needs to visit a doctor’s office and discuss all the goals and desired results to make sure this injectable is able to provide the expected effect and won’t hurt an individual due to their health condition, skin type, age, etc.

Which candidates should avoid botulinum toxin injections

As we have already mentioned above, if there are some indications, there will be contraindications to consider and discuss with a medical professional before the injection session. Botulinum toxins are not the exception; so consider these limitations before the treatment:

  • Known allergies caused by the active substances included in the composition of the injectable;
  • Chronic health conditions, namely diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.;
  • Certain anatomical defects (such as facial asymmetry);
  • Current or recent skin infection, damage, etc.;
  • Pregnancy (existing or planned), lactation period.
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The final word

Botox injections are a unique treatment able to meet the needs of people with different aesthetic goals and desires. It’s effective, acts fast, and guarantees remarkable results after the first treatment. Even though it requires some time to start working, many people still prefer it over plastic surgery because of the safety and general simplicity of the procedure. Personally, we think this product is incredible and can easily perfect the appearance of people with various requests, so why don’t you try it today?