Uppercut Deluxe Launches Styling Powder

Shake and Rake

‘Shake and Rake’

Industry leaders in men’s grooming products, Uppercut Deluxe, proudly announce that the wait for their highly anticipated Styling Powder is over. Styling what? Yes, Powder; you read correctly.

Complimenting an already comprehensive range of grooming products, Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder offers the modern-day man a completely different grooming experience from more traditional styling products. This is a new concept in male grooming that comes with the added benefits of a natural, product-free look and a no-fuss application.

Providing a light hold that follows the natural flow of the hair, Styling Powder creates texture and volume to all hair types and lengths. The best bit; it can be re-worked throughout the day. Use it daily to create Crops, Textured Quiffs and longer, looser looks in seconds.

As with all Uppercut Deluxe products, conception and development starts at the Barbershop. Founding father and barber, Steve Purcell noticed a continued shift towards looser and more natural looks. As such, the wheels were set in motion to create a product that not only achieved these looks but did so with minimal effort required. Purcell says;

“The finished style is always the goal when creating a new product but with Styling Powder, we also wanted something that was just easy to use. Styling Powder puts a modern twist on classic styles and compliments a busy lifestyle.

It’s no secret that the pace of life is getting faster, spare time is harder to come by, and any time switched from ‘chore to cheer’ is a bonus.” (A notion that’s been cleverly portrayed in the brand’s launch campaign. Be sure to check it out the three-part video series on the Uppercut Deluxe social media platforms.)

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‘Shake and Rake’ soon became the tag line of the product referring to its simple two-step process of application. Step One – shake the product into the hair, Step Two-rake it through the hair with just your fingers. No comb or brush required, and the results are instantly recognisable.

The stylish 20g tin will be a welcome addition to the bathroom cabinet, car dashboard or pocket of any busy man and continues the brands legacy of creative and functional packaging to complement their premium range of products.

Available in barbershops and select lifestyle retailers from August 13th.