Tips and tricks for first-time hearing aid users

hearing aid users

Hearing is an essential part of every human being. It helps us to develop in the early years of life, to understand and properly interact with the world around us, and, of course, to live happily in society. Hearing problems can be very challenging. It is both physiological (dizziness, loss of spatial orientation) and psychological (self-isolation from society, depression) problems.

But it’s not as bad as it may seem at first glance. Has your audiologist diagnosed you with hearing loss? The daily wearing of hearing aids can help! These compact and stylish aids work a miracle! They restore the ability to hear and understand people in any environment! They bring hearing loss patients back to a happy life!

A few nuances in choosing hearing aids

Choosing and purchasing a hearing aid is a complex and responsible process that affects your social life. Don’t take it lightly. Today there are hundreds of hearing aids from popular manufacturers. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, functions, and prices. It is easy to get confused by this variety. What’s more, today, you can buy hearing aids online. It is fast and convenient. Just a few clicks, and in a few days the courier will bring the medical aids to your home.

However, such a method has one big problem. You won’t get the desired results if you choose and order the hearing aids you like. After all, they are complex medical devices with many features. Every characteristic affects the ability to hear and understand outside sounds well.

In addition, each patient has a different degree of hearing loss and specific hearing structure. In other words, the hearing aid of your closest relative won’t fit you. Hearing care professionals select and customize medical devices based on your hearing health and needs. Such an approach gives you high-quality sound and comfort in any acoustic environment.

Do you want effective and comfortable hearing aids? Contact an audiological clinic for help. Hearing care professionals will help you choose, buy and fit devices for daily use!

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What is the adaptation period?

Diagnosing your hearing health and buying a hearing aid is half the journey to restoring your hearing. Now you must get used to your new devices. You won’t be able to wear your hearing aids all day right away. You’ll need to go through an adaptation period. What is it?

Our brains are constantly adapting to new conditions. Is your hearing getting worse? Your brain will change the way how it works under new conditions. It’ll shut down some areas and load up others. You create a new environment for the brain when you put on hearing aids. It takes time for it to readjust and get used to healthy hearing. Usually, it takes three to four weeks. As with the choice of medical devices, the adjustment period depends on the patient’s body.

Even so, there are effective and simple tips to help you get used to hearing aids quickly and painlessly!

How do I get used to hearing aids faster?

It’ll take you some time to get used to your hearing instruments in the first few days. To make the adjustment process quick and comfortable, follow these simple guidelines from hearing care professionals.

Set realistic goals

Don’t set unattainable goals. If your doctor says 3-4 weeks, then stick to that period. You don’t want to overload your hearing organs and your brain. Otherwise, you’ll only worsen the situation. Follow the audiologist’s tips and adjust to hearing aids for as long as it takes. Remember that there are no exact dates or numbers. Every man is different. Each user gets used to hearing aids differently.

Start a journal

Quite an important step. Each day write down the time you wear the devices and how you feel. Such an approach will help you make adjustments during the adaptation period. You’ll see which factors help you get used to hearing aids faster.

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Start using the devices in a familiar acoustic environment

Start wearing hearing aids at home, in a familiar environment. It is the best solution for beginners who have no experience with medical devices. As we wrote above, the brain needs to get used to a new environment. It’ll do its best where it already knows most of the sounds.

Limit the time of use in the first few days

Start wearing hearing aids for 30-60 minutes a day. You should not wear the devices all day at once. You’ll only hurt yourself that way. It is better to start small. As you get used to it, gradually increase the time of use. Thus, you’ll get to the goal faster.

Gradually increase the amount of time you wear the devices

Audiologists recommend increasing the time you use the devices by 30-60 minutes a day. Of course, the exact value depends on how you feel. If it is difficult for you to wear for 3-4 hours a day, then reduce this figure. Do not torture yourself by trying to speed up the process of habituation. The slower is better but more comfortable!

Start visiting noisy places

This is the last step in adjusting to the devices. If you can wear your hearing aids under normal circumstances for an extended time, try going to a restaurant, cafe, or another noisy place. Do not sit there for long periods. Start with short activities, gradually increasing the time. Take the last step to a new and happy life. A life filled with the amazing sounds of nature and the voices of your loved ones!

These simple and effective tips work great for speeding up an adaptation period! Usually, after the process is complete, the doctor will make final adjustments. Now your can use your electronic aides with maximum comfort and efficiency!