These are the flower trends of 2021

flower trends

A new year has arrived that we can still fill in completely ourselves, and that includes a number of bright new trends! We are happy to include you in our trend forecast for 2021 to inspire you and stimulate your creativity. And of course flowers should not be missing…Know the flower trends of 2021.

Expose & compose

We already saw them in 2020: unique decorative pieces as statement pieces in your interior. Think of artistic vases and flower pots, glassware in whimsical shapes and abstract line drawings. In 2021, these artistic pieces will have an even more prominent place in our interior. Art Director Ferdinand Belfor explains: “What we will see more and more is the merging of different showpieces into one styling composition. Think of unique pieces such as a vase with an experimental bouquet, an abstract art object made of glass or clay and a dried palm leaf in a hand-blown vase. Put them together in an exciting composition and you have a collection that you can look at endlessly. The nice thing about this style is that it doesn’t have to be functional. It is your unique composition that makes the atmosphere in your interior authentic. There may even be objects with a personal meaning. Materials that we will see a lot in the coming year are ceramics, colored glass and recycled materials that have a limited impact on the environment.”

Special letterbox gifts or letterbox flowers are also becoming more and more popular in 2021. You can send your friend in the hospital a beautiful flower gift for example. With increasing demand in online shopping this is a huge trend in Europe and more and more startups are investing in these type of businesses

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Giving flowers a second life

Extending the life of our purchases is becoming increasingly popular. In this stressful period, which is increasingly dominated by ‘turning the helm’, we are more conscious than ever with our purchases. We want to make choices that contribute to a better future. Fortunately, today there are more and more companies that deal with this inventively. For example, clothing is made from recycled materials and recycled materials are increasingly used in the residential industry.Because we like to motivate you to make conscious choices, we help you get the most out of your flowers. Besides the fact that you can enjoy our fresh bouquets for about twelve days, we want to challenge you to extend the life of your bouquet extra. For example, have you ever thought about drying your flowers after your bouquet has finished blooming? This way your flowers will last a while and you can enjoy them even longer. In our blog about drying flowers we explain how to do it and which flowers are suitable. And speaking of flowers… what about your vase cabinet? Swap vases with your neighbours, look for unique items at the thrift store or give the vases that are covered in dust at your home a second life. So you or someone else can enjoy it again.

Color flowers

According to many style directors, coloring flowers with natural raw materials will increase in 2021: ‘Floral design is becoming more artistic. We will see more and more experimental and artistic creations. I expect that coloring flowers in a sustainable way will become a big trend in floral art. By adding natural pigment from food products, light petals get a sepia-like color palette: unsaturated colors that tend towards old pink and rust tones. This gives the flowers an almost picturesque look. Get ready for top-notch floral design, because bloomon also continues to delve into new techniques and developments…’

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