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Most foreigners dream of living and working in America. The US is the land of opportunities. For some, the dream is to be a doctor in the US. American doctors earn far more than doctors in other countries. As a foreign and Residence medical group of graduate, immigrating to the US and finding an American medical job offers you an easier path to American citizenship. 

Becoming a Doctor

Before you think of going to the US and getting a healthcare job, you will first need to graduate with a medical degree in your country. It takes more than dreams to be a doctor. You need hard work, patience, resilience, and commitment. Many people have given up along the way because of failure to have some of these skills. Gaining admission to medical school is the beginning of a long journey that can take you up to 14 years before you become a fully licensed doctor.

To succeed in a medical career, you need patience and resilience. You should be willing to wait for over a decade before you start earning a decent income. Without a resilience spirit, you won’t reach far. You should always stay focused on the bigger picture and avoid being distracted along the way because distraction is one of the biggest enemies of success. 

A Helping Hand

After graduation from med school, the hard part begins; finding a residency.  The pathway to US medical residency is riddled with many challenges especially if you are a foreigner. You need a helping hand. That is where Residents Medical comes in handy. 

For many years, Residence Medical Group has helped medical students from around the world to gain placement into residency programs across the US. They provide a variety of programs that enhance the professionalism and competitiveness of candidates for residency positions.

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Competitive Edge

US medical residency opportunities are very competitive. Every year, thousands of medical graduates usually apply for these positions. Only a few individuals end up gaining placement. If you want to succeed, you need to stand out. Residence Medical Group will help you to gain a competitive edge that will give you an advantage over other applicants.

Achieve Your Dream American Job

It is not enough to gain a residency position. You need to find a residency opportunity that will pave the way to a lucrative career. Residents Medical has helped many medical graduates to find prestigious healthcare jobs that they would otherwise not have gotten. They will work with you to strengthen your CV so that you qualify for that dream residency.

Your pathway to residency will start with the evaluation of your academic history, personal background, visa status, and desired specialty. Depending on the results of the evaluation, the right interventions will be recommended. You need a valid visa to work in the US. Residents Medical Group will advise you on how to obtain the necessary documents. 

The Residency Dream Team

The in-house Residency Dream Team is made up of residency experts who will guide you every step of the way. These experts will help you stand out. They will assist you with letters of recommendation, connect you with opportunities for building professional experience, and help you develop the soft skills required for residency placement.

Soft Skills

If you are a medical graduate, you already have the technical skills required to perform your job. However, you still need certain soft skills if you want to practice in the US. These include flexibility, creative thinking, communication skills, conflict resolution, time management, and teamwork skills. Residents Medical will help you develop these skills.

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Your Dream Residency Starts Here!

Don’t just dream! Make your dreams a reality. Get connected to the medical residency experts who will make your residency dreams a reality. Call today 310-444-9700 for further assistance.