Is rolling tobacco safer?

rolling tobacco

The consumption of rolling tobacco has multiplied by 11. Its consumption is not healthier, despite the popular belief, since it has 30% more carbon monoxide and the same levels of nicotine.  Every time you see more people using rolling tobacco. The reasons why a greater number of smokers bet on it are mainly two: On the one hand, its price is cheaper than conventional tobacco, and, on the other hand, the belief that rolling Pipe Tobacco is less harmful for health. From studies it is indicated, 30% of smokers consider that this type of tobacco is less harmful. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The pack or traditional tobacco has greatly decreased its sale in recent years while the cigars and rolling tobacco have resisted well and have even increased theirs. Many people have switched to rolling tobacco in recent years due to its attractive prices and the belief that it is much healthier but it should be noted that this is not entirely true.

There is no healthy tobacco and in the case of rolling tobacco even though with this type of format fewer cigarettes are smoked, no doubt more carbon monoxide is inhaled because the rolling cigarettes need more paper and therefore more CO is produced.

A study is recently published in which it warned of the increase in the number of tobacco users , with 11 users of this tobacco multiplying, compared with the decline of traditional tobacco in pack by 17%. The price is one of the fundamental reasons, rolling tobacco is much cheaper. And the popular belief that rolling tobacco is less harmful. Nothing is further from reality. The level of carbon monoxide is 30% higher in the rolling cigarette. And the levels of cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine left in blood after smoking, are exactly the same for both.

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One piece of information to keep in mind, cigarette smokers is more than twice as likely to develop cancer of the mouth, pharynx or larynx. The belief that smoking is less is real, the rolling tobacco must be prepared, and that makes the ritual is prolonged. The data say that if you smoke an average of 27 cigarettes in a pack, if you have to roll the cigarettes, you smoke 17. Both cigars have nicotine, an addictive substance where they exist, and both cigars create addiction. It is not simpler to leave tobacco rolling, it is just as difficult. 

The real danger of rolling tobacco:

Although the number of average cigarettes smoked per day (18.5 versus 27.9), the concentrations of carbon monoxide in their exhaled air are higher for smokers than for classic tobacco smokers. Therefore, rolling tobacco is very harmful to the arteries, increasing the risk of suffering from certain vascular diseases such as myocardial infarction or aortic aneurysm, among others.

The study in the manufactured cigarette the paper surrounds and compacts the tobacco, while the rolling requires more paper, comes to the following conclusion: with the rolling tobacco burns more quantity of paper and more CO2 is produced, to which you must add that the puffs are longer and deeper. In this way, cotinine levels are very similar to those presented by those who smoke manufactured cigarettes; taking into account the lower consumption of rolling tobacco, should be lower among consumers of the same.

Currently, a large part of smokers opt for rolling tobacco for health reasons. But, as the studies point out, it is no less harmful for the organism. What’s more, it can be even more dangerous due to the higher concentration of carbon monoxide and the dependence on nicotine it implies.

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