Introducing U by Nique: a gender neutral capsule collection

Introducing U-Nique: a gender neutral capsule collection

Gone are the days of limiting yourself to only half of a store. As lines are blurred and boundaries are pushed we’re all more open to exploring what we want to wear — regardless of traditional gender ideas.

At Nique this has been the case for some time, as our customers regularly drift between menswear and womenswear with unrestricted ease. It’s that openness which inspired the creation of U by Nique, a dedicated line of gender-neutral garments made to be worn by everyone.


“I noticed how the men were going towards the women’s pieces, and the girls were looking at the men’s pieces, and it just seemed really gender fluid,” explains creative director Nadia Jones. That observation naturally lead to a capsule collection of 11 pieces in total — all designed to mixed, matched and adapted into any wardrobe.

Ranging from sharply tailored pieces to relaxed knitwear, and everything in between, the idea behind U by Nique is that each piece can be styled to your liking. The Amari Suit, for example, is the perfect single-breasted jacket when worn as is, but can be sized up for a boxy oversized look — perfectly suited to the relaxed tailoring trend of the moment. Similarly, the Fumi Distressed Knit can be worn as a luxurious sweater, but buy a few sizes larger and it becomes an effortless knitted dress. The result is a collection that allows you to play with proportions and create sculptural silhouettes on any body-type.

Of course, like all Nique designs, a focus on quality fabrics combined with technical design remains at the heart of each U by Nique piece. One technical standout is the Anoka, a white hooded jacket lined with silver and made from metallic coated nylon that was a recent favourite of Lily Allen. Although the jacket seems paper-thin to the touch, the internal metallics keep you spectacularly warm, which allows for a sportswear style winter look without bulkiness.

Introducing U-Nique

U by Nique is about finding what you like and wearing it how you love. It’s about acknowledging that boundaries only exist if we let them. No matter what you’re looking for: tailoring or sportswear, streamlined or oversized, menswear of womenswear, U by Nique is for you. Because U by Nique is for everyone.