How to stay healthy while travelling

How to stay healthy while travelling

Hydrate throughout your holiday. Studies show we need two to four litres of water everyday, depending on factors like your body type, exercise routine, and diet. It’s easy to lose track of how much water you’re actually drinking when running from one attraction to the next or enjoying poolside cocktails. Have a water bottle with you wherever you go and keep in mind how many of those bottles you drink each day. Staying hydrated can improve skin clarity and mental capacity. When you wake up, before taking breakfast, it’s a good idea to drink two full glasses. A good start to the day involves water to fuel the brain.

Get plenty of sleep in your own private villa with a very comfortable bed. It’s recommended to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. A disruption to a person’s circadian rhythm can compromise the immune system. Even if you’re lounging by the pool all day, it’s not the same as good sleep in a beautiful safe space. Relaxing keeps you healthy in the long term so don’t over do the tours and activities. It’s easy to find great places to stay when travelling, especially when you have holiday villa rentals.____________________________________________________________

Practice deep breathing. If you become anxious on flights, a simple technique is to breathe deeply, in through your nose, and a long breath out through your mouth. Count to five each time. Go slower, making the breath deeper until you feel your body relax. If you often worry about an upcoming flight, or have a history of panic attacks midair, talk with your doctor or mental health provider about the possibility of anti-anxiety medication when travelling

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Make some adjustments to arrive at your destination more prepared and reduce the stress travelling can have on the body. Eat only a light meal during your flight. While we have a lot going on, our body puts a lot of energy into thinking and moving. Eating less helps by refocusing that digestive energy somewhere more useful. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. As tempting as the preflight service of champagne is, try to limit your alcohol and caffeine consumption. These drinks can dehydrate and make you feel more tired and irritable. Not to mention disrupt your sleep cycle even more than jet lag. Lastly, when you land, spend some time outdoors. Sun time can help you adjust to the new time zone and increase serotonin levels. Don’t forget the sunscreen!