How to develop the perfect non-alcoholic drinks cabinet

No household is complete without a drinks cabinet, but what’s in it can differ from house to house and person to person. 

We live in an era now where alcohol abuse is rife, with around 5% of all deaths around the world related to the substance. So it’s no surprise many people are going sober, or checking into alcohol rehab to try and combat their struggles. 

Of course, for those people who have sought treatment and have gone sober, entering the recovery phase of their life, there’s going to be an alcohol-shaped hole in their drinks cabinet.

No matter what reason you’re looking to avoid alcohol in your drinks cabinet, here are the must-haves for creating the ultimate non-alcoholic set-up…

The Important Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Ingredients

If you still love all the fun of the cocktail, without the alcohol then your first port of call should be all the ingredients needed to make your favourite mocktails. The mocktail market has increased at a staggering rate in recent years, and it turns out we really can’t get enough of them.

You can create non-alcoholic versions of all the classics, and in many cases, the ingredients can also be used as drinks on their own as well as mixers. It’s a double whammy.

Non-alcoholic beers?

Similarly to mocktails, the rise of non-alcoholic beers has also been steady and there are so many excellent and tasty products now out there, from big brands to the craft beer brands right across the USA. 

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The likes of Sierra Nevada, Duvel, Samuel Adams and many more all have 0% beers, and they’re well worth stocking up on if there is a beer lover in the home.

0% G&Ts? Get the spirits in…

You need spirits to go with your mocktails, and there are a large range of non-alcoholic spirit variations out there these days, from tequila to gin, vodka to rum. 

They’re ideal for having when guests are around, making picture and taste perfect drinks that will have people wondering why they ever bothered with the alcoholic versions in the first place!

Top your drinks off with some garnish and accessories

No cocktail is complete without a plastic umbrella, and the same should go for your mocktails. Make sure you have plenty to accompany your non-alcoholic drinks, from mini-accessories and stirrers, to garnishes such as lemons, limes and other citrus fruits. 

The garnishes you have will of course depend on the cocktails you wish to make, but make sure you don’t go without them.