Five Travel Destinations for Sports Fans

Travel Destinations for Sports Fans

We like to mix up our health and lifestyle tips with travel ideas. Sometimes that means places we think are well worth checking out where you can be active and get some exercise while you vacation. But these five destination ideas are offered with watching sports more in mind.

As much as a beach holiday might be relaxing, we like something with a little more to do. So we thought we would present places that are used to being on sports betting sites like BetUS as well as in travel supplements. Here are five must-visit destinations for all sports fans.

Wimbledon, England

London, England is hardly a niche vacation spot. The capital city of England is home to thousands of years of history, as well as some of the most well known shops. That’s before we get onto the theatre and art scenes. But sports fans are well catered for too – and one of the events of any summer in the UK is the Wimbledon tennis championship.

Wimbledon is the southwest of the city and can be easily reached from the center thanks to London’s extensive public transport systems. The famous tournament takes place annually at the beginning of July and there are tickets available on the day of play – if you are willing to start queuing up early!

Maracana, Brazil

England might be where the sport of soccer began, but it is Brazil where the game was finessed. As nice as a trip to the UK might be, we think that a few weeks in Rio de Janeiro would also be high up on anyone’s bucket list. For sports fans, that would probably include a trip to the Maracana Stadium.

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The Maracana is one of the most iconic soccer stadiums in the world and has hosted World Cup and Copa America finals. There have been games with attendances over 150,000 – but the reduced capacity is about 80,000 these days. The national team plays there, as well as four Rio teams. So you should be able to catch a game.

Fenway Park, USA

There is something about the old baseball stadiums that evoke the history of the US and the nation’s past time. These days there are more than a few modern arenas specifically designed to look that way. But if you want the real deal, you should make the trip to Boston to watch the Red Sox at the famous Fenway Park.

Originally built in 1921, Fenway Park is the oldest still active ballpark in Major League Baseball and is home to a number of quirky features thanks to its location in a densely populated neighborhood. The Green Monster, the 37-foot high wall in left field is just one of the iconic images of this national treasure.

Figure 2 Fenway Park is one of the most iconic ballparks in the US

MCG, Australia

If you like your multi-use sports stadiums, you can’t get much better than the Melbourne Cricket Ground, or MCG, in Australia. A short walk from the city center, the stadium has hosted Olympic and Commonwealth Games, cricket (obviously), soccer, and Aussie Rules as well.

With a capacity of just over 100,000, the MCG is the largest stadium in the southern hemisphere – and 11th biggest in the entire world. With so many different sporting events taking place here, you should be able to get along to watch something once you have made the long trip down under in the first place.

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Monaco, France

Some people prefer luxury vacations to activity trips, so we thought we would finish off our list of destinations with the principality of Monaco. Located in the south of France, Monaco is home to a top-level soccer team, but it is the very streets of the city that are the real draw for many sports fans.

The Monaco F1 Grand Prix is one of the most iconic on the motorsports circuit and is visited by the rich and famous each year when the race is on. Once you have experienced the F1 extravaganza you can then decide which fabulously stylish casino you are going to visit to complete the Monaco experience.

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