Effective ways to prepare and get qualified for NASA

You would have definitely heard about NASA! Numerous scientists and astronauts have evolved from this team and brought about an evolution in the world with their discoveries and innovations. And imagine if somebody told you, even you can get a job at NASA. Cool, isn’t it? Though, it’s true that NASA only accepts US residents in their team, even you can get a job there even if you aren’t a part of that nation yet. Read along to know how it will happen and how can you prepare and get qualified for work at NASA. 

  • Full form NASA — The full form NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is a US initiative that looks after the various evolving of space and technology in the country and even globally. 
  •  Qualification required for NASA — If you want to get qualified to work at NASA, you have to get a degree in STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Basically, you have to pursue these subjects for your HSC degree and later choose to graduate in any one of these subjects you are good at! You can even master the same subject and either opt to get a doctorate degree in the same by doing PHD or get some experience in that subject. In both of these ways, you’ll be qualified to work at NASA. 
  • US citizenship — Being a US resident is a primary criterion for getting employment at NASA. You can get a US resident card by either living in the country for five years or marrying a US resident and staying in the State for three years. You can also get a student visa or opt for the N-400 form that helps you get US citizenship easily. 
  • Students programs and workshops at NASA — NASA holds different programs and science workshops for students to explore their knowledge further. If you are keen on joining NASA, then you should definitely take part in these workshops and programs that will not only give you an insight into the incredible science world but will also increase your chances of joining their team later For international students, there are programs like International Space Olympiad and National Space Settlement Contest that allows all the eligible students to participate in the NASA projects. 
  • NASA internship — You can also appear in your preferred section of NASA through the internship programs. NASA internships are competitive awards designed to support educational initiatives that provide instructors, and high school, undergraduate, and graduate students with unique research and operational experiences pertinent to NASA. These opportunities assist in running a NASA facility or furthering the goals of the organisation by linking interns with career professionals and prioritising mentor-directed, degree-related tasks. To qualify as a NASA intern, you should have adequate knowledge in STEM subjects and some areas as per NASA preferences. 
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If you are starting your journey to enter NASA right now and have enough dedication and knowledge, then we are sure you’ll find your way to your aspired institute in no time.