Combine SARMs For Phenomenal Muscle Buildups

Combine SARMs For Phenomenal Muscle Buildups

In 2007, Ligand Pharmaceuticals in California was the inventor of Ligandrol, a SARM also known as LGD-4033. This parent company has transferred the responsibility for the future development of this SARM to Viking Therapeutics.


During the trials of this drug, the common dosages used were 0.1, 0.3, and 1 mg. If higher dosages were used, the result was more pronounced outcomes. Generally, male weightlifters enhance their physiques using dosages of 2 to 10 mg daily. Female weightlifters prefer to be on the lower side of this range by consuming two mg daily. This SARM is consumed once per day. Several males who opt for non-tapered cycles consume six mg daily for eight weeks. Others plan a tapered cycle in which the dosage is altered in the following manner.

Tapered Cycles

In the case of males, the tapered cycle is as follows. For Week 1 and Week 2, the dosage is 4 mg daily. This is increased in Week 3 and Week 4 to five mg per day. From Week 5 to Week 8, the dosage is six mg daily. 

For females, the tapered cycle has the following dosages. For Week 1 and Week 2, it is one mg per day. Week 3 and Week 4 are allocated two mg per day.

Contemporary Ligandrol Stacks

A combination of Ligandrol and Ibutamoren (MK677) is consumed in ‘bulking’ cycles. These are famous for generating rapid muscle increases and enhanced strength.

A blend of Ligandrol and Testolone (RAD140) is a well-known bulking formula used mainly by bodybuilders. Users witness a phenomenal increase in strength and muscle gain. The cycle is of eight weeks, during which every day, you must consume 10-15 mg of Ligandrol and 5 mg of Testolone. After these eight weeks are over, you should pursue a follow-up of Post-cycle Therapy (PCT).

The Origin of Ligandrol

In the case of people who have crossed their 60th birthday, they experience a decrease in leg power, muscle strength, and muscle mass. This is majorly due to the preferential loss of muscle fibers of type II. This age-related loss of strength and muscle mass is termed ‘Sarcopenia.’ Among older adults, Sarcopenia introduces the risks of poor quality of life, physical disability, fractures, and falls. If the person is suffering from some cancer, end-stage renal disease, or chronic obstructive lung disease, Sarcopenia makes the person disabled and limits the person’s mobility. 

Scientists were facing the need to develop anabolic therapies to improve physical function and reduce disabilities. Out of the several function-fostering anabolic therapies being developed, androgens were at the forefront. In the 21st century, scientists made considerable pharmaceutical trials to develop nonsteroidal SARMs for treating muscle wasting and functional limitations. In the course of this research, they came up with Ligandrol. It proved to be a non-steroidal SARM that can be consumed orally. It got bound to the androgen receptors with a high level of selectivity and affinity.

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