A brief guide to autoflowering cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds primarily come in three categories – feminized, regular and autoflower. Each strain has its own unique characteristics. Out of these three, autoflowers have gained massive popularity due to a number of factors such as ease of growth, sowing season, care required, nutrition demands etc.

Characteristics of autoflower seeds

Autoflowers start blooming after a certain period of time, usually 2 to 4 weeks. Autoflowering cannabis seeds begin to bloom within two to four weeks. Some varieties even get ready to harvest in periods as less as 8 weeks. This short blooming period makes it an instant hit among home-growers. Since the harvest time is low, you can grow several crops a year.

The seeds do not require a specific lighting schedule and are not affected significantly by seasons. You can sow your autoflowering Cannabis seed anytime and still have good growth.

Autoflowering plants provide flavors and aroma comparable to feminized plants. It is both suited for recreational users who demand varieties rich in THC and other users who like to benefit more from the CBD content. One needs to choose wisely between these characteristics when buying the seeds.

Difference between feminized and autoflowers

One of the key differences is that feminized photoperiods have very specific lighting requirements. They have precise durations in which they should be kept under sunlight and in darkness. This has to be maintained on a regular basis. Autoflowering cannabis seed on the other hand, can be kept for 18 hours or 24 hours under sunlight and still produce the same results.

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Autoflowers grow out  to be compact plants, unlike feminized seeds. They are short with a height of 30-100 cm. Hence, these plants are easily concealable among others in your balcony or backyards.

Short plants also require less nutrients. While using commercial cannabis nutrients, one might use only half or one-fourth of the recommended dose while growing autoflowers.

The right way to grow

While the autoflower seeds demand far less than other strains, there are certain things you need to take care of.

  • The plants need light-weight soil that drains water well. Make the soil airy so that the roots do not get clogged.
  • A room temperature of 21 degrees centigrade and humidity levels of 40-50% are optimal for the plants. Extreme temperatures may be harmful.
  • Autoflowers are small plants and hence have a smaller root system which drinks less. Preferably, maintain an ideal pH of 6-7.
  • High plant training is not recommended as it would adversely affect growth. You could use some gentle techniques to bend or shape the branches for similar exposure to light.

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