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Top Indo Western And Salwar Dress Styles to Flaunt in 2019

Saree in indo western style

With digitization taking over, online shopping has become a craze. In fact, with that, we are also always in touch with the new fashions and changing trends. Nowadays, people buy dress material and pair it up with a lot more than just salwars. Another point to remember is that ever since westernization has become common, many people like to go for fusion- and try out indo western dresses. Here are some common ideas of indo western fashion and kurta dresses that are en vogue in 2019 and you can also try them out:


  • Deep side slits can be adopted

    The A line kurti style is all the rage nowadays. It can be worn formally as well as casually. The deep side slit can be worn on a floor touch skirt. This way you can combine different fabrics and colors and make it as dressy as you like.

 Deep side slits can be adopted

  • Hemline dress which is asymmetric

Uneven hemline is another very fashionable idea. You can use simple dress materials and make them really stylish by changing the hem styles. You can make it longer at the back and shorter in the front for a nice design.


Hemline dress which is asymmetric
Hemline dress which is asymmetric
  • Long skirt dress with jacket style on top 

    Another really fashionable trend you can adopt is a long skirt dress inside with a long jacket on top. You can also wear a silk jacket or add a raw silk peplum style jacket to wear something stylish for big functions too.

Long skirt dress with jacket style on top
Long skirt dress with jacket style on top
  • Straight Gown with a side slit 

    You can combine a straight gown with salwar kameez or pair it up with leggings too. A long side slit makes the entire dress very appealing and gives you a great symmetry too.

Straight Gown with a side slit

  • Kerchief Pointed Hem is quite an innovative style too 

    Another style that can be adopted is a pointed kerchief hem style. You can try many dress materials and different fabrics as well when you adopt this particular trend. It looks good only when you use the ideal length though since it is an asymmetrical design. Additionally pick a right color. You can also wear this indo western style as just a dress if the length for this is apt.Kerchief Pointed Hem is quite an innovative style too

  • Saree in indo western style 

    Another really stylish attire that has gained attention nowadays is a saree draped in the indo western style. You can wear these for weddings as well as for kitty parties as well. This is recommended for people who like to wear figure hugging dresses too.

Saree in indo western style


  • High front slit gauze pant dress 

    While salwars are old school, a lot of people are preferring different styles for the lowers. Indo western dresses with a slit gauze in the front is quite an innovative style to adopt. Additionally, a pant dress makes it fashionable for all sorts of events and adds a spunk to your sartorial choice.

High front slit gauze pant dress

Upgrade your style from simple dress materials and salwar kurtas. You can go for the aforementioned styles and give your wardrobe the much needed upgrade. Get yourself the best styles and ensure that everybody praises you wherever you go.

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