The R is ‘in the month’: this is how you stay fit in autumn!

September is the kick-off month for taking care of our vitamin intake, because with the colder weather and the absence of the sun a cold or the flu are lurking. In this article you will read the golden tips to stay fit. Keep reading!

Put on your warmest clothes

Wind and rain are inevitable, but you shouldn’t let it ruin your day. Make sure you dress warm enough to avoid getting cold. Wear nice warm socks and waterproof shoes. A warm sweater (Dutch: warme trui), cable sweater (Dutch: kabeltrui heren) or pullover are perfect for going to a chic but warm office outfit. Also, never leave your house without a good, windproof jacket, preferably with a hood! That way you’ll never be surprised by a downpour.

Remember to take your vitamins

Years ago, the time of the “R” was in the month was also the time when fewer fresh fruits and vegetables were available. As a result, vitamin C was hard to come by. However, vitamin C is the antioxidant that keeps our resistance going. Nowadays we know how to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for much longer and they also contain more vitamins and minerals than ever before. Still, it’s good to keep taking this old ‘tradition’ seriously, because with less sunshine to extract vitamin D from, we advise you to keep an extra close eye on your health. Grab an extra piece of fruit and incorporate some extra vegetables into your favorite dishes. Keep your vitamin D levels up by taking tablets or eating more oily fish. Vitamin D also gives your immune system a boost, helping it to protect you from the flu and runny nose.

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Get rid of excessive stress

Stress is something that most people experience at one time or another. However, when stress lasts too long it can cause your body to go into a fight-or-flight mode. Prolonged stress causes less oxygen to get into your blood and your immune system to weaken. Thus, the perfect opportunity for viruses to make their move. Be aware of your mental health and make sure you have an extra day off, a good work situation and allow yourself time to unwind properly every now and then!

Stay active

The fact that exercise is good for us is no new fact. Especially in the fall, you want to keep exercising. If you have short active sessions several times a day (up to about three quarters of an hour) you can significantly improve your immune system. This doesn’t mean that you have to work out at the gym three times a day. Moderate intensity, such as a nice walk in the woods or a bike ride during your lunch break, is enough. Not only does your physical health benefit from more exercise: your mental health often gets a boost from it, too! A nice workout session, long walk or a morning of yoga can help you release a lot of stress.

Hopefully this list has given you enough ideas to keep fit!