Sharp Ear Pain COVID – Can Covid-19 Affect Your Ears?

Sharp Ear Pain COVID - Can Covid-19 Affect Your Ears?

You must be aware of the current pandemic situation and the virus that has been behind this chaos. Yes, we are discussing the covid virus. This notorious virus has lately been hazardous and fatal to human life. It has not only impacted our immune systems but also left other impairments. Here, we will discuss sharp ear pain COVID.

The covid scenario has impacted everything we know of, including career, life, economy, etc., but mostly, health. Ever since the worldwide contamination began, life has completely turned upside down for many. Despite being practically invisible, the virus has shown how empty we are from within and how life has tied us up in shackles.

Recently there’s been some other information in the wind. Something minor as a sharp ear pain covid is related. Well, this information is partly true.

Sharp Ear Pain COVID

For a long period, sharp ear pain covid were not related, but research has a differentiated opinion. This was formed post-assessment of research conducted by a team from Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center located in Baltimore.

In this study, the autopsy of three out of six people had coronavirus in their middle ear. Similarly, two people had the virus in their mastoids. This required doctors to exercise precaution when operating a covid patient.

Previously doctors were asked to maintain droplet caution when operating the mouth, throat, or nasal cavity. Since this research, doctors have been asked to exercise droplet caution when operating the ear cavity.

Despite being present in the ear cavity, the virus cannot cause sharp ear pain covid. This is because you only experience it when you have an ear infection. Also known as otitis media, ear infections occur when the fluids accumulated behind your eardrums get infected. Usually, ear infections are preceded by headache, respiratory tract infection, fever, and cold.

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On the other hand, the general symptoms of coronavirus include dry cough, fatigue, headache, fever, runny nose, loss of taste and smell. In extreme cases, patients experience intense respiratory issues.

Therefore, some of the above symptoms are common symptoms that Covid usually accompanies. This is why ear infection is often considered a symptom of Covid. Moreover, ear infections are primarily evident amongst children between the age of six to thirty-six months. However, adults may also fall prey to it.

Covid 19 symptoms

Once the air regarding ear infection as a symptom clears, another query appears from the corners. Can you have sharp ear pain due to the Covid virus? Or can you get sharp ear pain Covid after recovering?

Well, the answer to this question might be a little tricky. This is because there have been people who have had ear infections post-recovery. However, since it was not a common phenomenon, it cannot be related to the virus’s symptoms or side effects.

Regardless, it is important to practice all guidelines stated by the World Health Organization to prevent the virus. Some of the guidelines include frequently washing hands with soap, maintaining a distance of at least two feet, wearing a mask, and avoiding touching your eyes or nose in public.

Life has never been easy, and it certainly isn’t anymore, especially since coronavirus came into existence. However, it is essential to sincerely practice these guidelines and practice them in our daily lives. It can help dodge the chance of acquiring the virus for as long as possible. We hope this piece was able to help you.

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