Everything You Should Know About Cycling & Fitness

Exercising on a cycle is one of the best ways to cycle. The activity does not feel strenuous and involves various sensory treats such as exploring the countryside, a long highway or a historical part of the city. The benefits of cycling cannot be exaggerated. However, these benefits come with a disciplined approach. When we cycle regularly for a longer time spanning weeks and months, we begin to see the myriad changes in our bodies. While cycling not only benefits physical health, it’s also great for our mental health, and we must not shy away from embracing our bikes. 

An all-terrain bicycle can truly offer immense benefits at a rather small investment cost. The results of these investments are felt throughout our life. Let’s check out some interesting benefits of cycling that help us get fitter: 

1.Cycling is important for our immune system: Our immune system is responsible for the intrusive organisms entering and disrupting our body. Cycling benefits our immune system, and we are less susceptible to cold and flu. Cycling also improves and increases the production of essential proteins and uses white blood cells. 

2.Cycling is great for weight loss: Cycling is an amazing mix of endurance, strength and resistance exercise and is a great all-rounder exercise for our bodies. Weight loss requires all of these exercises, along with a wholesome and nutritious diet. Cycling is a fun way of shedding those extra pounds. Depending upon the intensity and the weight of the rider, we can lose anywhere between 400 to 1000 calories while riding. Of course, other factors like proper recovery time, good diet and sleep play an important role. 

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3.Cycling is good for the legs: Strength training is important for building muscles. In fact, even after a strength training workout, our muscles continue to burn calories. Cycling is a great way to work our muscles. If you aim at having toned glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves, then a cycle is your best friend. Challenge yourself to tougher roads and introduce some inclines; these will help work your muscles. 

4.Cycling is good for the lungs: Aerobic or endurance exercises are great for our respiratory systems. Regular breathing and increased blood circulation help in a healthier set of lungs. So, cycle regularly, and you’ll benefit from the ability to breathe deeper and better. 

5.A good heart is correlated to cycling: Our heart health is important; after all, it plays an important role in our body. Cycling helps our cardiovascular health and cuts the risk of heart disease to almost half. Not only this, but the cycle is also great for reducing our risk for cancer. This exercise can also be tweaked to our preference, and we can make it low-intensity or even high-intensity as per our choice. 

6.Cycling is great for the brain: Cycling benefits our minds with improved blood circulation and hormonal balance. Cycling also reduces our chances of cognitive decline. Cycling is especially beneficial for preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. 

Cycling is truly a magical exercise, for it comes with various benefits; not only are we getting various physical benefits, but our emotions are also better regulated, and our minds function better. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a cycle and ride your way to fitness. 

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